Women in Technology, (WIT) "Lean In or Stand Back - Challenging Women in Technology"
Wednesday, 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm, Grand Chenier

Tracy McMullen | interRel Consulting
Kellyn Pot'Vin | Enkitec
Natalie Delemar | Ernst & Young
Maria Colgan | Oracle Corporation
Tim Gorman | Evergreen Database Technologies

Women face unique challenges in the technology industry. With the gaining popularity of books like Sheryl Sandberg's, 'Lean In,' women are facing scrutiny on their lesser foothold on the corporate ladder. Join our panel, as we focus more on how this book and others view women in technology, we are faced with how we, as women, can face these challenges and how our male peers can help in making the most of our technical careers. This panel session will focus on the topic of women in technology and the challenges we face when we put ourselves into our careers wholly and why so many hold back. This session will thrive on the contributions from the attendees, so come prepared to participate! Men are recommended to attend, too, and we welcome all contributions to the discussion.

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